Progress on the T.C. Jester Stormwater Detention Basin

Construction Zone to be Closed to the Public Until Further Notice

As part of the Harris County Flood Control District’s focus on reducing flood risks in the Cypress Creek watershed, crews will begin a preliminary excavation and removal project starting on or about November 18 in connection with the T.C. Jester Stormwater Detention Basin construction project. The eventual goal of the T.C. Jester Stormwater Detention Basin project is to provide an excavated area to take in and temporarily hold excess stormwater during heavy rain events. Excavation & removal (E&R) projects such as this one reduce taxpayer costs and result in a shorter construction process by allowing a contractor to remove a set amount of dirt before major construction commences.

This excavation and removal project will take place ONLY on Flood Control District-owned property WEST of T.C. Jester Boulevard and south of Cypresswood Drive (Project ID: K500-23-00-E001). The entire property west of T.C. Jester Boulevard will be closed to the public for safety reasons for the duration of the E&R, which could be up to three years. The E&R process requires heavy equipment, including dump trucks, excavators and bulldozers, to remove trees, vegetation and soil from the preliminary excavation area. For the safety of the public and construction crews, we urge community members to heed all warning signs and to avoid the entire property. Construction equipment and trucks will access the property from T.C. Jester Boulevard. Motorists are cautioned to be alert to truck traffic when passing near construction access points and along truck routes.

The Flood Control District is aware of trails that exist on the property. There is no existing written agreement for use of this property by any other group or agency. The property was purchased with tax dollars for flood risk reduction purposes. At the appropriate time during preliminary engineering for the basin, there will be opportunities for sponsors who wish to build and maintain trails to share their proposed trail plans with the Flood Control District.

For more details about this activity, including separate plans for the T.C. Jester Stormwater Detention Basin project EAST of T.C. Jester Boulevard (Project ID: K500-23-00-E002), as well as a future Community Engagement Meeting, please visit the project webpage:

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