The District is substantially built out. Development within the District includes the residential subdivisions of Giammalva Racquet Club, Sections 1 through 5; Wimbledon Park; Wimbledon Centre Court Estates; Wimbledon Forest, Sections 1 through 3; and the Park at Cypresswood. As of January 1, 2012, there were 807 homes completed and occupied. The District also contains two condominium complexes, Wimbledon Pines and Wimbledon Place, totaling 55 units, 4 apartment complexes, containing 344 units, and the Wimbledon Racquet Club, a country club containing 20 tennis courts, a swimming pool, a health facility, a restaurant and bar, and a meeting room. Commercial development in the District consists of four multi-story office buildings, a 78-unit assisted care living facility, a 46-unit memory loss assisted care facility, three small strip shopping centers, 2 banks, a convenience store and a service

The Cypress-Klein Utility District began in the mid-1970’s as part of the development of the Wimbledon Estates subdivision. Today the district serves approximately 900 residence and business customers.

Wimbledon Residents

The district serves the residents of the Wimbledon Estates & Raquet Club, Sections 1,2,3,4, and 5; Wimbledon Centre Court Estates; Wimbledon Centre Court; Wimbledon Park Subdivision; and, Wimbledon Forest, Sections 1,2, and 3.

Local Business

The district serves the businesses on Cypresswood Drive, east of Stuebner Airline Road to Wimbledon Forest Drive, and the businesses and multi-family residences on the east side of Stuebner Airline Road between Worcester Drive and Cypress Creek.

Harris County

The district serves Collins Park, the Courthhouse Annex, and the Barbara Bush Library.

Board of Directors

A five-member Board of Directors govern the Cypress-Klein Utility District. Directors serve a four-year term and are elected by the general public. The Board defines the objectives, set policy, and provide management oversight of the district. The Board has specific powers granted by state law. The details of these powers can be found in our Links section of the website.

Carl Sandhoff, President (Term: May 2026)
The president is the chief executive officer of the district, presides at all Board meetings, and executes all documents for the district.
  Diane White, Vice President (Term: May 2028)
The president is the chief executive officer of the district, presides at all Board meetings, and executes all documents for the district.
Rene Dornier, Secretary (Term: May 2028)
The secretary is responsible for all records and books for the district and acts as a signatory of the records.
Adam Lightfoot, Assistant Secretary (Term: May 2026)
The assistant secretary performs the role of secretary in the absence or disability of the secretary.
Jasper Schaer, Director (Term: May 2026)
The director in the fifth position while having no specific role or title is an equal member of the board.

District Map

District Map (PDF)

District Services

The services provided by Cypress Klein Utility District are limited and defined by state regulations. The district vendors strive their best to provide those services to you and the Board of Directors is here to make sure those services are made available around the clock and in the best way possible. The district welcomes your feedback.

The services provided by Cypress Klein Utility District are:

  • Clean Water – Your water comes primarily surface water provided to the district by the North Harris County Regional Water Authority. The district also uses its own underground wells when needed.
  • Waste Water Treatment – Used water is processed to required standards and released.
  • Trash Removal – Best Trash is the solid waste collection provider for single-family residents within Cypress Klein Utility District.