New Trash and Recycle Collection Provider

Residents of Cypress Klein UD,

Effective April 1st, Best Trash will be your new trash and recycle collection provider.

Trash collection days are Wednesday and Saturday, recycle is Saturday.

Trash and Recycling Collection Guidelines (PDF)

Best Trash will only service resident supplied trash cans or bags between 30-50 gallons.

Best Trash will provide each residence one 18-gallon red recycle bin.

Please leave any receptacles from previous providers empty at curb until collected, after March 29th.

Please have the trash out and accessible and recycle at the curb by 7am for collection.

For more detailed information, please contact Best Trash at:

Best Trash
(281) 313-2378

Notice Regarding Extreme Weather Emergencies

This communication is to notify you that Cypress Klein Utility District, your retail water and sanitary sewer provider is:

  • prohibited from imposing late fees or disconnecting retail water or sewer service for nonpayment of bills that are due during an extreme weather emergency until after the emergency is over;
  • required to offer a payment schedule to a customer who requests such a schedule for unpaid bills due during an extreme weather emergency; and
  • prohibited from disconnecting retail water or sewer service for nonpayment of bills due during an extreme weather emergency until after a payment schedule has been offered and the customer has either declined to accept the payment schedule in a timely fashion or violated the terms of the payment schedule.

For purposes of this communication, an “extreme weather emergency” is defined as a period beginning when the previous day’s highest temperature in an area did not exceed 28 degrees Fahrenheit and the temperature is predicted to remain at or below that level for the next 24 hours according to the nearest National Weather Service reports for that area.  An extreme weather emergency is over on the second business day the temperature exceeds 28 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aviso Sobre Emergencias Climáticas Extremas

Esta comunicación es para notificarle que su proveedor de agua y alcantarillado sanitario Cypress Klein Utility District es:

  • prohibido imponer cargos por demora o desconectar el servicio de agua o alcantarillado por falta de pago de las facturas que vencen durante una emergencia climática extrema hasta después de que termine la emergencia;
  • obligado a ofrecer un plan de pago a un cliente que solicite dicho acuerdo para las facturas adeudadas durante una emergencia climática extrema; y
  • prohibido desconectar el servicio de agua o alcantarillado por falta de pago de facturas adeudadas durante una emergencia climática extrema hasta que se haya ofrecido un plan de pago y el cliente se haya negado a aceptar el plan de pago de manera oportuna o haya violado los términos del plan de pago.

A los fines de este comunicado, una “emergencia climática extrema” se define como un período que comienza cuando la temperatura más alta del día anterior en un área no superó los 28 grados Fahrenheit y se pronostica que la temperatura permanecerá en ese nivel o por debajo de este durante las próximas 24 horas. de acuerdo con los informes del Servicio Meteorológico Nacional más cercano para esa área. Una emergencia climática extrema termina el segundo día hábil en que la temperatura supera los 28 grados Fahrenheit.

Construction Advisory for Major Maintenance of Cypress Creek and Tributaries

In an effort to keep you informed about the Harris County Flood Control District’s continuing improvements in the Cypress Creek watershed, we want to notify you of an upcoming project in your area. As early as July 2022, the Flood Control District will begin construction on the third set of repair sites (Batch 3) on tributaries in the Cypress Creek watershed. Batch 3 is part of a major repair project funded by the 2018 Flood Control District Bond Program, Bond ID CI-012. Batch 1 and 2 are currently under construction on other channels in the watershed.

Overall, this project is intended to provide major maintenance along Cypress Creek and its tributaries to restore channel conveyance capacity across the watershed. This work will not widen or deepen the channels but will return them to their designed condition and capacity so that they can convey stormwater more efficiently. The Batch 3 scope of work for 12 sites on 11 channel sections includes some or all of the following: Removal of silt, placement of buried riprap (rocks designed to protect from erosion), erosion repair, outfall pipe removal and replacement, manhole replacements, concrete channel lining replacements, excavation and off-site disposal, debris removal, encroachment removal, and site restoration. The project also includes outfall repairs at one existing stormwater detention basin.

Multiple crews will be working on various project sites simultaneously. The timeframe for when crews will be working at each site in Batch 3 has not been determined, but additional communications may be sent to impacted areas prior to construction.

Major Maintenance of Cypress Creek and Tributaries
Project ID # K100-00-00-X087
Harris County Commissioners Court Precincts: 1 and 3
Contractor – Lecon Inc.
Contract Amount – $13,791,893.00
Construction Project Start – July 2022
Construction Contract Duration – 688 Calendar Days

The Flood Control District appreciates your patience through the duration of this project. Should you have questions or comments, please contact us at or visit the project page at